Miss Cyrus is channelling her inner rock goddess!

Taking the stage in a gorgeous red mini dress, the singer-songwriter delivered an electric rendition of the Hall & Oates track, giving it a rock and roll twist.

She also performed her latest single Midnight Sky and discussed getting the stamp of approval from Stevie Nicks for the new track.

“I have the coolest letter ever from Stevie. I sent her the song… and she said: you can borrow from me anytime… “, she tells Fallon.

Later on in the interview, the two speak about her work ethic and longevity in the industry, with Cyrus stating: “I want to work and I want to work hard. I don’t want to just do what I love for a living but I want to put in my greatest effort, I want to come home tired sometimes, I want to come home after a day of work and my feet be hurting… I love to work and I love to be needed.”

Tune in below to watch her performance and interview with Jimmy Fallon.