Michelle Visage has shared her least favourite Drag Race lip sync of all time.

Can you imagine RuPaul’s Drag Race without Michelle? We can’t. Ru’s best squirrel friend has been by his side for almost 10 years now, and has experienced most – if not all – of the standout lip syncs in the show’s history first-hand.

So when she was asked by Entertainment Tonight to share her favourite ever ‘lip sync for your life’ it was impossible to narrow it down to just one.

“It’s really difficult because there are so many great ones,” she admitted.

“Latrice Royale and Kenya Michaels doing Natural Woman was a good one, DiDa Ritz doing the Natalie Cole lip sync, Delta and Manila doing MacArthur Park, Alyssa and Tatianna, there’s a whole bunch of great ones.”

However, when it came to deciding on the worst lip sync from the show, she didn’t hesitate.

“I guess the least favourite one would be Dax and Laila,” she said.

Dax and Laila lip synced to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive in episode two of season eight. The panel described it as “the most iconic gay lip sync song” of all time, but they were left disappointed by the performance, and both queens were sent home.

If you need a ru-cap, watch the lip sync below.

When we spoke to Michelle about Drag Race UK, she said fans are “going to die” when they see the new series. “Just know we are celebrating all things British. I’m obsessed with your country so I was in my element.”

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