The cast of Drag Race Holland season two is here.

Like its inaugural season, 10 fierce drag entertainers from the Netherlands will compete in a variety of bonkers maxi-challenges, runway walks and lip-sync smackdowns to earn the fancy shmancy title of ‘Next Dutch Drag Race Superstar’.

The winner will also sashay away with a cash prize of €15,000, a crown and sceptre from Fierce Drag Jewels, their own stage at Milkshake Festival 2022 in Amsterdam and a beauty editorial in the Dutch edition of Cosmopolitan.

Drag Race Holland’s first season received praise from fans and critics due to Fred Van Leer’s infectious hosting skills and the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent of the cast.

Envy Peru, who conquered over Janey Jacké, Ma’Ma Queen and Miss Abby OMG, solidified her status as one of the fiercest competitors as she won four out of eight episodes. She also made herstory as the first Peruvian queen to win Drag Race.

The sickening new line-up includes Peru’s legendary drag mother (!) and the queen who provided wigs to Van Leer on the first season.

Season two premieres 6 August exclusively on WOW Presents Plus in the UK and internationally, as well as Videoland in Holland.

Check out the brand new roster of queens below and their bios, courtesy of WOW Presents Plus.

Ivy-Elyse, 35 (Amsterdam)

“Ivy-Elyse, one of the Asian queens in the Dutch drag scene, wants to be an example for the Netherlands and the Asian community. She is the Beyoncé of drag and a true stage animal with sharp claws. Together with Drag Race Holland finalists Envy Peru and Miss Abby OMG she forms The Mermaid Mansion and gives performances that will leave you gagged. This fishy queen with a hood attitude doesn’t shy away from a challenge and doesn’t stop till she gets the crown!”

Juicy Kutoure, 24 (Amsterdam)

“You will never be bored when you are with Juicy Kutoure! She is juicy, lively and super spicy. Participating in Drag Race Holland is a big middle finger from her to all the haters who have excluded her because she was different. Drag gave her the strength to be herself and make her dreams come true. This creative queen is an all-rounder and shows everyone how you should live life. With her looks she leaves a folky, sexy and quirky impression that you can only love!”

Keta Minaj, 39 (Amsterdam)

“Keta Minaj, aka The Dutchess, is a performer at heart. She is powerful, elegant, talented and a little bit weird. It’s always a party with Keta. She takes you on a crazy trip, in which she enchants you with her sexy moves, infectious energy and impressive outfits. Her style is mainly conceptual and she transforms to the occasion and always goes for the ‘wow effect’! With her international allure, she belongs to the top of the worldwide drag scene.”

Love Masisi, 40 (Amsterdam)

“Once upon a time there was a boy from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This little boy dressed up in a dress and called himself Masisi. When this little boy was growing up, Love Masisi, a Caribbean queen and entertainer, was born. Love Masisi has performed at the biggest stages, events and musical theaters in the world and once won an award for best butt in the world. In addition, she was recently seen in the RTL programs ‘Make Up Your Mind’ & ‘I Can See Your Voice’ where she showed that she also has a beautiful voice.”

My Little Puny, 39 (Amsterdam)

“Meet My Little Puny; a fierce performer who, as a new queen, quickly established her name in the Amsterdam drag scene. My Little Puny is an ode to femininity and will never show the same thing twice. She cannot be pigeonholed and believes there should be no rules in drag. She sees herself as a true conceptual queen, switching effortlessly from genderfuck to femme and everything in between! With a background in theater and dance, she is definitely one to watch!”

Reggy B, 25 (Amsterdam)

“Bram knew from an early age what he wanted to be: an entertainer. He didn’t know exactly what that meant until he met Miss Abby OMG and Reggy B was born. After one guest appearance at a show of hers, it went very quickly and Bram takes the spotlight as Reggy B. Reggy is wicked and has a big mouth, but secretly she has a small heart. She is the ultimate example of a fierce baby queen with humor, inspired by modern pop culture. She loves to host a show where the audience is entertained all evening; a true performance queen!”

Tabitha, 45 (Amsterdam)

“Tabitha is a true legend in the drag scene. A sexy and slightly whory show queen, a true entertainer at heart. She is super camp and sometimes fishy or a club kid. Tabitha is known for her direct humor and she wears her heart on her sleave, making her loved by everyone. A popular queen in Amsterdam’s nightlife, where she also offers a stage for starting queens. She says she is anything but a one trick pony and she can’t wait to show the world. Tabitha gives us Tabitha 2.0.”

The Countess, 25 (Amsterdam)

“The Countess is a true classic. She is timeless and switches effortlessly from modern and glamourous to classic with a fetish edge. Her big dream is to stroll along the runways during fashion week and to parade in the most beautiful couture. The Countess has a heart of gold, but won’t let the caviar be eaten off her toast. Where last season she did Fred’s make-up, she is now on the starting blocks to start her race to the crown!”

Vanessa Van Cartier, 41 (Rotterdam)

“The only Flemish Italian queen this year is Vanessa van Cartier. Internationally, she has made her mark in the drag scene by taking the win as the first post-op transgender in the Miss Continental pageant in Chicago. But Vanessa is mostly legendary for her gorgeous lip syncs and her polished style of drag. She is the drag mom of Season 1 winner, Envy Peru, and she proudly represents the trans community she still fights for on a daily basis. She always tries to tell a story and share a message. This queen will conquer your heart!”

Vivaldi, 22 (Enschede)

“Vivaldi is a true artist. He knows all about wigs and makeup and it shows. She transforms from glamorous to spooky and he does this effortlessly. He is therefore seen as a major competitor by many queens, which you have to watch out for. In Season 1, Vivaldi provided Fred’s wigs, but that’s no guarantee for success. The battle has begun and no queen is safe from this creative and artful hair queen.”

You can also check out the brand new teaser trailer for the season here or below. 

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