The films have been pushed back to make way for other delayed Marvel films.

Marvel films The Eternals and Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel’s first films with openly LGBTQ superheroes, have been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Eternals, which will feature Marvel’s first openly LGBTQ superhero, Phastos, played by Brian Tyree Henry, and his husband and children has been pushed back to 21 February 2021. Variety reports that the film’s original 6 November 2020 release will be taken over by the delayed Black Widow.

The Eternals is set to feature Marvel’s first gay kiss, and it was described as a “beautiful, very moving” part of the film by Brian.

Films that had release dates for next year have also been delayed, with Thor: Love and Thunder pushed back from its original November 2021 date to 18 February 2022. The film, which will focus on Valkyrie, sees her exploring her sexuality as she searches for a new queen.

Earlier this year, the film’s director addressed questions as to whether Valkyrie would be “explicitly queer” in the upcoming movie. “I think so. The IP is not mine,” he responded.

“But with the actors, I feel whatever makes them comfortable — whether they feel like there’s a natural choice, or a natural way for that character to go — then I’m pretty supportive.”

Waititi continued to say that if “Tessa wanted to do that, I’m in.”

And considering that Tessa Thompson has already said she plays Valkyrie as a bisexual character, we’re hoping this will be explored when the film finally releases.

Disney also announced that its upcoming Jungle Cruise film, which features Jack Whitehall as a gay man, has been delayed to 30 July 2021 from its original release date of 24 July 2020.

Many LGBTQ-related films, tours and events have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 2, The New Mutants, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica and various Pride events across the world.