Marvel has teased its new trans superhero Escapade ahead of Pride Month. 

Back in March, the popular publisher announced the return of its beloved Marvel’s Voices: Pride anthology.

In the highly-anticipated series, comic book fans will have the chance to read brand new one-shot stories following Marvel’s most prominent LGBTQ+ characters.

The inclusive release is also set to feature eight new variant covers featuring Somnus, Aaron Fischer, Destiny, Iceman, Karma, America Chavez, Valkyrie and Daken.

Aaron Fischer, who’s also known as the Captain America of the Railways, will be on the first cover released on 1 June. Destiny, Karma and America Chavez are then set to complete the queer-friendly rollout on 29 June.

With Pride Month two weeks away, Marvel revealed the inclusion of a new trans mutant superhero Shela Sexton aka Escapade. 

Described as a “total goofball”, the young hero has the ability to “instantaneously switch physical locations with another person or trade any specific physical or abstract attributes such as possessions, organisational status, skills, superhuman powers, and even situation.”

Escapade’s debut story is also set to feature her tech-savvy best friend and sidekick Morgan Red – who’s also part of the transgender community.

An official synopsis for her upcoming story reads: “Together, Escapade and Morgan tear through the Marvel Universe as professional thieves, stealing from criminal and corrupt organisations…until a meeting with Emma Frost and Destiny changes the course of Escapade’s life forever.”

In an interview with Marvel, co-creator of Escapade Charlie Jane Anders opened up about the character and what fans can expect from her story. 

When discussing her drive and motives, Anders explained: “I think, originally, Shela just wanted to have cool adventures and help people –and one of the ways she helps people is by stealing from people who deserve to be stolen from, so she can use their stuff to help more people.”

She then went on to say that Escapade’s goal takes a drastic turn after she is shown a vision of a tragic future “that’s kind of her fault”.

Anders also opened up about the importance of making her character’s trans identity a significant aspect of the over-arching story. 

“It was really important to me to have a whole community of trans mutants in this comic – not just Shela and Morgan, but others,” she explained. 

After highlighting the other trans characters in the forthcoming issue, Anders said she wanted “to be super clear that being a mutant is not a metaphor for being trans and vice versa.”

“I think that Shela has experienced some rejection because of her transness, but she’s also found an amazing community that supports her and lifts her up, and this has changed how she thinks about being a hero for sure.”

Aside from her upcoming Marvel’s Voices: Pride debut, fans can also look forward to Escapade appearing in Anders’ New Mutants story arc. 

Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 is set to go on sale on 22 June.