Madonna fans, it’s time to get excited…

Every year, the Met Gala sees some of the world’s biggest names attempting to be named Best Dressed with their outrageously glamorous outfits – spoiler: it’s usually Rihanna – and 2018 was no exception.

This year the theme was Heavenly Bodies, encouraging celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Blake Lively, Katy Perry, Zoe Kravitz, Janelle Monae, and plenty more to bring their divine A-game.

But let’s be real, with a theme as reliant on religious imagery as that, the world’s eyes were firmly on the queen of controversy Madonna – and she delivered.

After working the runway in a black Jean Paul Gaultier gown and veil, Madonna later made another grand entrance as she appeared in a hooded cloak at the top of the stairs of the Great Hall, flanked by a group of singers dressed as monks.

The surprise performance began with a rendition of Like A Prayer – was there really any other option? – before she segued into a brand new song which fans have never heard before, which is reportedly titled either Magic or Beautiful Game.

“It’s a beautiful plan, but I’m not concerned / It’s a beautiful game, that I never learned / You have taught me to shut my mouth, that I not get burned / Keep your beautiful lies, ‘cause I’m not concerned,” she sings over an industrial beat.

As a final gift, Madonna performed a cover of Leonard Cohen’s ballad Hallelujah, which earned a brilliant reaction from the audience.

Check out footage from the night below.