Madonna, Katy Perry and Cheryl have all been duped by a fake coronavirus video.

The (doctored) clip shows residents of Italy in lockdown mode due to the coronavirus epidemic, with people singing and dancing on their balconies as one of their classic pop anthems is ‘belted’ out by everyone in unison.

Katy Perry fell victim first, with her fake video showing Italians singing along to her 2013 smash hit, Roar. She shared the video on Twitter alongside the caption: “You cannot break the human spirit. We are one in this.”

Madonna thought they were all bopping along to her anthemic and politically-charged 2019 single, I Rise, which failed to chart in Italy. She tweeted: “Let Us ALL RISE UP. everywhere around the world!”

Cheryl wrote “I’m not crying” after thinking the Italian’s were singing to her 2009 debut single, Fight for this Love. The song did peak in the top five in the country, so fair enough to Cheryl, it was actually a solid hit for her.

The videos may be doctored, but they’re still a fun watch – see below.