Madonna Like A Prayer

Madonna has paid tribute to her iconic Like A Prayer music video.

Released 30 years ago this week, the groundbreaking clip, which adressed racism and featured heavy religious imagery, was positively received by critics and is regularly regarded as one of the greatest music videos of all time.

Despite it’s place in pop culture history, the video also remains one of the most controversial moments of Madonna’s career, at the time facing mass protests and worldwide outcry from religious groups and leaders, including Pope John Paul II.

When asked about the backlash, Madonna famously told the New York Times: “Art should be controversial, and that’s all there is to it.”

This week, Madonna took to social media to acknowledge the three decades that have passed since the video’s release and remember the controversy it caused with glee.

“30 years ago today I released Like a Prayer and made a video that caused so much controversy because I kissed a black saint and danced in front of burning crosses,” she wrote alongside a snippet of the music video.

“I also made a commercial with PEPSI that was banned because my video was seen as inappropriate. Happy Birthday to Me and Controversy!”

As if to echo her former backlash, she then added: “Meant to post this yesterday but was blocked! what a shocker!”

Madonna also shared a snippet of a news report on the video, in which a reverend labelled it “one of the most offensive things he’s ever seen”.

Here’s to many more controversies, Madonna!