Love is in the air y’all. 

The popular summer series, Love Island, will finally be adding LGBTQ+ diversity to its cast of singletons for its upcoming season.

According to a report from the Daily Star, ITV revealed that they will be accepting applications from both gay and straight singles.

Producers of the series have said that they are open to any applicant over the age of 18 and looking for love.

In order to bring a new and diverse group, casting bosses have teamed up with Tinder to recruit a series of “fast track” applicants. The adverts are featured on both straight profiles and LGBTQ+ profiles within the popular dating app.

“ITV and Love Island teamed up with Tinder earlier this year to find a new batch of islanders,” a source revealed.

“They have been placing the ads strategically inside the app so you have to swipe left or right.

“The ads have been showing up on both male and female gay accounts as well as on those of straight people.”


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Over the years, there have been numerous mentions of the idea of LGBTQ+ people featuring on the main show, or even a same-sex spin-off.

Back in 2017, the executive producer of the series, Richard Cowles, said it would be “difficult” have a straight and LGBTQ+ cast.

“You are trying to create couples. It is not impossible and it is not something we shy away from… but there is a logistical element which makes it difficult,” he told the Times.

Even though diversity on Love Island has been lacking up till now, the series has featured an array of LGBTQ+ contestants who have come out after their time on the show.

Megan Barton-Hanson, who competed on the show’s fourth series, came out as bisexual, saying that society’s outdated perceptions on sexuality made her believe she needed a relationship with a man, despite having “deeper connections” with women.

Meanwhile, Justin Lacko, who competed on the first series of Love Island Australia, came out as loving men and women.

The series will make its triumphant return to Majorca this June and will incorporate COVID safety measures.