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Queer singer Lord F has released his latest single Timing.

The tribal-pop inspired song focuses on mental health issues, and all proceeds from the song are being donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre.

“Writing this song has saved my life and helped me overcome suffering from bullying for being a queer artist. Now I wanna give back to the community taking something that was bad and turn it into good,” Lord F explained.

“I was at church praying on my knees that God would take me away to heaven where we’re free of problems. I felt I couldn’t take it anymore. When I thought on my prayers, ‘Yeah God, I got it. In the sky we know, problems are here down below.’

“That made me realise that as long as we live there’s always gonna be problems, but the key to happiness is already in our hands, and it’s as simple as adjusting your clock to live in the now. Be present in the moment and things will get better.

“Happiness knows no history, all there is, is right now.”

Speaking to Gay Times, Lord F reflected on the homophobic bullying that he faced growing up in Brazil, saying: “It’s impossible to fit in when you were born to stand out.

“Being gay and growing up in a small town in the Brazilian countryside was never easy. I suffered from severe bullying my entire school life, which held me back from being my truest self.”

And he added that this wasn’t better in the music industry when he started, saying: “Later on when I released my first EP, my old label tried to shape me into being this unrealistic character that wasn’t at all what I truly am.

“I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. It’s impossible to be anything besides yourself.”

Sharing an empowering message about what he wanted the song to mean to people, he said: “I want everybody to know, from my personal experience, that timing is everything in life.

“Know who you are and don’t let your surroundings define you. We can find such peace and happiness by turning our heads into being present in the moment. We all are always rushing things, thinking of something that’s past or head of us that’s not present.

“All we need is right here and right now. Happiness knows no history. Eternity knows no history, all there is is right now. As long as we live, there’s always gonna be problems, so when do we get to be happy? And the answer is whenever you choose to.”

Last year, Brazil elected the openly homophobic Jair Bolsonaro as its president. Speaking about his worries for the LGBTQ community in Brazil, Lord F said that “many steps back were taken… just like Donald Trump being president”.

“The world is facing this new political flow with leaders constantly spewing hate speech encouraging all those against the minorities. Brazil is the country that kills the most LGBTQ people in the world! And after he’s been elected president those numbers keep growing.

“Even if Jair Bolsonaro doesn’t change any policies, what he stands for alone is so dangerous and a step back into the past. I often joke with my friends that we should start a new movement of those who suffer from heterophobia. I for sure do.”

You can stream and download Timing on a variety of platforms from here.