Little Mix have shared another song from their upcoming sixth studio album.

The quartet take a swipe at their former boss Simon Cowell on Not a Pop Song, referencing their departure from his label, SYCO, in 2018.

“I don’t do what Simon says, get the message cuz it’s read,” the girls sing. “That’s just life it never plays fair. Said to follow any dream, be a puppet on a string. Works for you but that isn’t me.”

In the words of the Dancing Diva of Texas, Alyssa Edwards, “The shade is KNEE deep.”

Not a Pop Song is the third single from Little Mix’s sixth collection, Confetti, after Break Up Song – which became their historic 15th top ten single in the UK – and Holiday, which peaked at number 15.

Confetti will be their first album since 2018’s LM5, which featured the Nicki Minaj-assisted hit, Woman Like Me, as well as Think About Us with Ty Dolla Sign. LM5 became their fifth consecutive top five album.

When we spoke to Jade Thirlwall earlier this year, she told us that Little Mix haven’t “over-thought” their new era and are focusing on releasing music that “feels good” to them, instead of chasing trends.

“It’s very much been, ‘OK, this is an amazing song – it’s going on the album.’ That has lifted a weight off our shoulders really,” she explained. “It was quite a stressful process for LM5 and the change of labels and everything. For this, we were very much left to have fun and get back to what we really love about being Little Mix.”

She added: “That’s not to say we didn’t love LM5 because we wrote so much of that album and we put so much into it. That whole era was very much about what we stood for; female empowerment, women’s rights and it was very topical in that moment. It’s something we are very passionate about.

“We really did get that message across. But we’ve done that now, so now it’s time to let our hair down a bit and have some fun.”

Not a Pop Song is now available on iTunes and streaming services – listen here on Apple Music or below.