Jade Thirlwall is the ally we deserve.

Over the weekend, Little Mix band member Jade made a surprise appearance at Manchester Pride, where she joined a Youth Pride event and marched with Stonewall during the parade on Saturday (25 August).

“So yesterday was one of the best and most inspiring days of my life,” she said. “Manchester Pride with these INCREDIBLE young people with Stonewall is a memory I will cherish forever. Let us never stop fighting for equality.”


But while Jade was busy showing love for the LGBTQ community, it seems some people still don’t understand the meaning of Pride, as one of the singer’s Instagram followers questioned why gay people should be ‘proud’ of their sexuality.

“Can anyone explain why to be proud of sexuality? I mean ok gay can do anything they love but I’m not proud I’m straight so why to be proud of being gay?” the fan wrote.

It didn’t take long for Jade to reply to the comment with a perfect explanation of why we still need to celebrate who we are.

“Because luckily for you, you’ve never had to experience hate, discrimination or prejudice for being ‘straight’. The LGBT community have had to and continue to have to fight for equal rights worldwide,” she replied.

“So to openly be yourself and love who you want to love is certainly something to be incredibly proud of.”

Little Mix have been vocal supporters of the LGBTQ community throughout their career, so it was no surprise when they featured a same-sex love story in the music video for their hit Cheat Codes collaboration Only You.

The group also recently shared a teaser of a brand new girl-power anthem, which fans are assuming is their next single, and it sounds incredible. You can listen to that here.

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