We all know and love the idea of dining out like the women of Sex & The City. Chatting about our wins and losses in love, seeing what’s new in fashion and current affairs and generally feeling pretty glam. This is great but the reason this idea works so well is that you’re used to the food and more so, aren’t really trying anything new. Sometimes it’s great to go out and actually have an experience centred around the food! Enter our favourite little man and pop up restaurant that packs a huge, flavoursome punch – Le Petit Chef!

We had the pleasure of dining there ourselves recently and would definitely recommend it to all who like an entertaining and immersive experience. With projectors overhead, illuminating the table and taking us on the journey that saw Marco Polo visit many nations on the silk route, this is a dining experience not to be missed. Masterfully mixed cocktails accompanied each course which in turn, corresponded with a different cuisine. Flavours from France, India, the Middle East and China all graced the surprise menu on the night we visited and neither course nor cocktail failed to impress.

The environment encouraged communication outside of individual parties who attended the restaurant as we were all sat side either side of one long table and with the guidance of Le Petit Chef himself, always found our conversation returning to the great food we were eating and what a fun time we were all having.

This pop up will run until the 31st of March and with limited shows and great reviews, we suggest you book your dining experience now!