Olly Alexander will take you to a dystopian future far far away on Years & Years’s new song.

Palo Santo – which serves as the title track for the band’s upcoming second studio album – is epic pop at its finest, hearing a melancholic piano riff lead the expansive cinematic production.

It’s the third song we’ve been treated to from the new collection, following recent singles Sanctify and If You’re Over Me.

Palo Santo will also include new track Hypnotised, which debuted as part of H&M’s Christmas campaign last year.

Meanwhile, frontman Olly recently admitted that he gets a real thrill out of appearing “overtly queer” these days – especially through his style.

“I used to be scared of people thinking I was gay but now I’d be shocked if they didn’t,” he explained. “I’d hesitate to say I had a more developed sense of self, though, because how I look doesn’t take into account my mind, or how I develop internally.”

As he revealed earlier this year, Years & Years’ single Sanctify was inspired by a sexual experience Olly had with a straight-identifying guy – a topic that has interested the songwriter during the creative process.

“We’re talking about how men express desire for one another. I find the exchange fascinating – what each person gets out of it, or what it makes each person feel,” Olly said.

“With Sanctify, I wanted to write something about the journey of coming out. It’s so drawn out. You come out to your friends, family, then the world, again and again, in hotels and on holiday and to cab drivers. And that can be painful.

“Sometimes I wonder about the guys I’d had these… sexcapades with, who identified as straight, and I wonder where they are now, in their own journey to understanding their sexuality.”

Years & Years will release their second studio collection Palo Santo on 6 July.

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