Tegan and Sara have released another track from their upcoming ninth studio album.

On Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You (They Lie), the duo examine the deceit that can cloud even the closest of relationships. It starts off quite subdued, before exploding around the two-minute mark with a thumping guitar solo.

In a statement, Sara said the song was inspired by a particular episode of the 1980s American sitcom Punky Brewster, and how its themes influenced them to make a confession to their mother at four-years-old.

“The episode’s morality tale focused on lying, and near the end of the show, she describes one of us climbing onto her back, sobbing into her neck and confessing a lie we’d told her earlier in the day,” she explained.

“At 15, we started telling lies again, and we absolved ourselves constantly in the lyrics of our songs.”

Don’t Believe The Things They Tell You (They Lie) is the third track taken from Tegan and Sara’s upcoming ninth studio album Hey, I’m Just Like You after the title track and I’ll Be Back Someday. Listen below.

Hey, I’m Just Like You is due for release on 27th September. It will comprise of songs they wrote and recorded when they were teenagers, which they re-recorded this year. It will be accompanied by the duo’s first memoir, High School.

We spoke to Tegan and Sara earlier this week for the new issue of AMPLIFY, where they discussed working with a team of all women on the album and how the music industry is still as rife with sexism and homophobia since their debut in 1997.

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