As we approach the end of the year, talk inevitably centres around who is going to be the biggest breakout stars of next year.

For us, L Devine is up there as one of the most exciting British talents to emerge this year – and with her second EP out now, she’s destined to get bigger and bigger.

The Peer Pressure mixtape features six tracks in total, including recent single Peer Pressure, and previously heard tracks Nervous and Can’t Be You.

But we also have three brand spanking new cuts too, including Runnin’, Read Your Mind, and Daughter.

The EP is also accompanied by a nine-minute short film, directed by Emil Nava who has previously worked with the likes of Calvin Harris and Ed Sheeran.

“The Peer Pressure film picks up where Growing Pains ended,” explained L Devine, referring to the short film that accompanied her first EP. “I’ve left the comfort of my hometown Whitley Bay and my friends and family and I’m now trying to find my place in the world as an adult.

“The film shows me roaming the streets of a lonely Hollywood, fantasising about killing my peers and feeling like an alien outcast from another planet, dressed up in an astronaut suit.

“These themes symbolise my feelings and experiences navigating through existential crises, toxic relationships and anxiety whilst still being a young person who goes to parties, and has fun, makes music and falls in love.”

Since moving to London from Whitley Bay two years ago, L Devine has worked with a roster of top music talent including John Hill (MIA, Rihanna), Rogét Chahayed (Miguel, Travis Scott), Burns (Britney, Ellie Goulding), Al Shux (Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys) and Ian Kirkpatrick (Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez).

She was recently named as one of YouTube Music’s Ones To Watch in 2019, and has received support from both BBC Radio 1 and Apple Music’s Beats 1.