Tom Saint

The pop artist’s latest single is a certified bop.

Emerging pop Kirsty Grant has returned with her latest single, High Road, and the track is deeply personal with a reflective narrative. The song is also an honest insight into the ups and downs of modern day romance and owning your own boundaries, as well as one that delivers a powerful, dynamic journey of self-discovery.

High Road opens with an infectious guitar hook, followed by lyrics acting as an inner monologue reflecting internal conflict. This empowering track is filled with sticky melodies, and stacked harmonies guaranteed to keep you hooked.

Kirsty co-wrote the song with SXMSON and producer Julez, and the trio have worked together before to craft Kirsty’s signature pop sound.

Explaining the song, Kirsty said: “The session took place in my bedroom over Zoom, and the song came very naturally. The track to me is not necessarily restricted to just feeling stuck in a relationship, but relates to general life, by learning to stand up for yourself and do what you feel is right.”

Reflecting on the song’s lyrical message, she added that it’s “really about self-reflection, about letting go of unhealthy relationships. It’s something I’ve really had to learn along the way, that I can be in the control seat.”

And speaking about the process of creating the song during the lockdown period, she said: “The track was written, recorded and completed at home during lockdown, so it made me think outside the box and try to visualise what I had to work with.”

High Road is just the first of three tracks set to be released by the independent artist, who has already been streamed over 180,000 times, over the next few months.

Listen to High Road either here, or below.