With summer in full swing, we’re always in the mood for an upbeat bop.

Lucky for us that Kate Stewart has delivered just that with her new single Get Mine, bringing together R&B and some throwback pop for a truly addictive anthem.

Kate wrote the track with three of her best friends, including former GAY TIMES cover star MNEK, rising singer-songwriter Ryan Ashley, and Shift K3Y.

“We had never written all together before, although we all write separately a lot of the time,” Kate said of the experience.

“We wrote the song in about an hour, and it soon became one of my favourite tunes I’ve ever made. It’s a very cheeky concept, we all really had a laugh when writing it.

“I feel like it brings out my personality, within the lyrics and the melodies.”

Get Mine is Kate Stewart’s follow-up single to her 2018 EP In The Beginning.

The star recently joined MNEK on stage at UK Black Pride to perform his 2018 single Colour to a huge crowd at Haggerston Park in London.