ABISHA’s first single of 2020 is stunning.

Body to Body, her first release since the excellent Love Like This (watch the video here), is a smooth R&B number in which ABISHA yearns for intimacy with a love interest she deems a “real one”.

“i’m so excited about this one cause i feel like it shows a completely different side to me as an artist (get you a girl who can do both),” she wrote on social media after the song’s release. “i hope you all love it as much as i do.”

When we spoke to the rising star last year, she said her upbringing in Paignton, Devon was difficult because of its lack of diversity, and would often “cry to my mum and beg her to straighten my hair, because I wanted to look like everybody else”.

Now, she wants to be an inspiration for other people who experience confusion and isolation for their race or sexuality.

With a string of autobiographical songs including pop anthem Nothing Matters and alt-R&B jam All That (as well as a stunning cover of Sade’s Smooth Operator) already gaining traction on streaming services, Abisha is one to watch.

Body to Body is now available on iTunes and streaming services – listen here or below.