The kidnapping occurred Wednesday evening, while the songstress was in Italy. 

It has been reported that Lady Gaga’s two missing dogs, Koji and Gustav, have been found, after missing for two days.

The two French bulldogs were stolen while on a walk in Hollywood, CA that ended with Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer being shot.

The LAPD reports that a woman found the missing animals and returned them to the Olympic Community Police Station.

“The woman found the dogs and reached out to Lady Gaga’s staff to return them. The woman’s identity and the location the dogs were found will remain confidential due to the active criminal investigation and for her safety,” the statement reads.

After hearing the news of her dogs being stolen, the Rain On Me songstress offered a half a million-dollar reward for their safe return.

“My heart is sick and I am praying my family will be whole again with an act of kindness. I will pay $500,000 for their safe return,” she wrote on Instagram.


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It has also been revealed that Fischer, is making a swift recovery after being admitted in critical condition.

The investigation is still ongoing with the police identifying two potential suspects through released video footage.

We’re so happy that Ryan Fischer and the dogs are safe and sound.