Lady Gaga has opened up about her love for the LGBTQ community.

During a press conference at the Toronto Film Festival, the Million Reasons songstress discussed her highly acclaimed film debut, A Star Is Born, and attributed the success of her career to her gay fans.

“I make a joke sometimes, behind every female icon is a gay man,” she said. “I really wouldn’t be here without the gay community, what they have taught me about love and acceptance and bravery.”

She also called for more compassion for those battling with addiction – especially in the entertainment industry.

“I think what would be wonderful is that we intervene early in life when we see people struggling,” she admitted.

“I think fame is very unnatural. I think it’s important we guide artists and take care of them on a physical level as they rise.”

A Star Is Born, the fourth version to hit the big screen since the 1937 original, follows seasoned musician Jackson Maine (Cooper) as he discovers struggling artist Ally Rose (Gaga) and nurtures her into a star as his own spotlight continues to fade.

It’s the first big screen role for pop icon Gaga, who’s previously taken the lead in hit anthology TV series American Horror Story, and critics are almost universally united in their praise of her performance.

The Telegraph have described both Gaga and Cooper as “stunning” in the movie, while The Guardian wrote: “Her songs are gorgeous and the ingenuous openness of her scenes with Jackson are wonderfully sympathetic.”

Watch the official first trailer for A Star Is Born below.

A Star Is Born is out in UK and US cinemas on 5 October. 

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