This needs to happen, like, immediately.

Pop superstar Kylie Minogue has collaborated with many artists throughout her illustrious career – Robbie Williams, Jason Donovan and Jake Shears to name a few – but she rarely works with other women in music.

Well, it seems like she wants that to change.

During an appearance on Graham Norton’s BBC Radio 2 show over the weekend, the Australian singer was asked who she’d most like to duet with, and we have a feeling the answer will get gay men around the world quivering at the knees.

“Wow, there’s plenty. I think all of the duets I’ve done over the years have just kind of come to me, so I’m just in this habit of not actively reaching out to people,” she explained.

“But I don’t do many duets with ladies, so I would love to sing with [Lady] Gaga or something like that, it would be incredible.”

Two gay icons joining forces for a pop banger? We honestly think it would be homophobic for this NOT to happen.

Kylie also looked back on some of her favourite collaborations, saying: “I think it can happen just really casually sometimes, just if you have mutual friends, or you’ve just got a project that feels like that person will be right for.

“I think it will be hard to beat Nick Cave Where The Wild Roses Grow, and people still love Kids with Robbie as well, and then 100 Degrees with my sister Dannii, so there’s a lot.”

Meanwhile, Kylie has announced that she’ll be performing across the UK and Ireland later this year with a brand new show to accompany her upcoming 14th studio album Golden.

Kicking off on 18 September, the tour will include stops in Newcastle, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Cardiff, London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Dublin, before wrapping up in Belfast on 8 October.

Golden, due out 6 April, will be the 49-year-old’s first studio album featuring all new material since Kiss Me Once (2014), which gave us pop perfection with singles Into the Blue, Sexercize and I Was Gonna Cancel.

Back in November, she told The Sun that the album will deal with her breakup from ex-fiance Joshua Sasse.

“There’s a little bit of heartbreak, I would say. Mostly I try to reflect where I am,” she said of her new music.

“Definitely, in the last year, there’s been some of that [heartbreak] but we bounce back. Most of it is super positive and inspiring, as a note to self as much as anything else. I’m feeling great right now.

“The songs are very storytelling and story-based. It was so great to do things a little bit differently.”