We give our thanks to the princess of Halloween.

The pop goddess has blessed us with a new edition to her iconic Halloween-inspired album TURN OFF THE LIGHT with Party Till I Die.

From its electro-pop sound to its haunting lyrics, the new record is a banger from start to finish.

Petras took to her Instagram live to address the new addition, stating: “I want you guys to consider it TURN OFF THE LIGHT Volume 2.1 because we’ve decided to drop TURN OFF THE LIGHT 3 – the final chapter of the trilogy – next year when I can perform it live.”

The Malibu singer dropped the 17-track Halloween project back in 2019 after releasing her EP TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1 the year prior.

Petra’s opened up about the delayed-release, saying: “I can’t do it if I can’t perform it live for you guys immediately. It needs to be fresh, there’s a bunch of stuff I want to do to make it a really epic thing.

She continued: “I know you guys are really all starving for the final chapter, and me too. Like, I had it planned. But you know, this year has been crazy, but I still decided to give you guys one song so you’re not starving.”

Over the past two years, Kim Petras has dominated the pop world with her infectious tracks like I Don’t Want It At All, Clarity and most recently Malibu.

The songstress has also collaborated with fellow pop icon Charli XCX, electronic trio Cheat Codes and was featured on the Charlies Angeles movie soundtrack – which was executive produced by Ariana Grande.

Even though we won’t be getting Vol. 3 till next Halloween at least we have Vol. 2.1 to help get us through this year spooky season.

Watch her full Instagram live here and listen to Party Till I Die below.