Vincent Peters

“Hate doesn’t deserve a spotlight.”

Kelly Clarkson has received praise from social media users after defending a lesbian couple from a homophobic Twitter troll.

Back in 2016, the Move You songstress helped the couple get engaged during one of her concerts, with the adorable moment being captured in a viral video. Check it out here.

This week – nearly two years after the proposal – Kiana and Amanda Clark tied the knot, and tweeted Kelly a photo from their ceremony with the caption: “WE DID IT!”

Kelly – being the absolute hun she is – offered her congratulations in response, and subsequently received a hateful message from a ‘fan’ who claimed the couple’s love was a “sin”.

“Sorry Kelly… love your music but I don’t dig the dikes… still a sin any way you cut it,” they tweeted.

Shortly after, Kelly quoted the troll and said she didn’t want to respond because “hate doesn’t deserve a spotlight”.

However, she continued: “U know what, truth does, & the truth is that God is Love, & Love shared between two people should be praised not condemned in my personal opinion.”

Kelly – who has been outspoken towards LGBTQ rights in the past – concluded by telling them: “I love u 2 although we see the world/love differently.”

The Voice coach was then commended by Twitter users for defending the couple and standing up for the LGBTQ community.

Check out the best responses below:

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