Katy Perry is back with new single Small Talk.

After smashing our expectations with massive comeback single Never Really Over earlier this year, Katy is back with another bittersweet post-breakup bop that laments the distance and silence that grows between a couple once they part ways.

“Acting like we never met, faking like we just forget, we were lovers, and now there’s nothing left but small talk,” she sings on the addictive track, a synth-heavy mid-tempo complete with one of Katy’s signature chorus hooks.

Katy hasn’t officially announced her fifth studio album yet, but given that this is our second taste of what’s to come, we’re expecting the Witness follow-up to drop at some point before the end of the year.

Side note: The cover art for this track is one of our favourites this year. Seriously, it’s great.

Watch the cute lyric video for Small Talk below.