Katy Perry is bringing the festive cheer.

The pop icon has breathed new life into her 2018 former Amazon Music-exclusive holiday single Cozy Little Christmas with a trippy Watts-directed music video that sees her play the part of Merry Perry, Santa’s “second wife”.

Together, they get massages from reindeer and chill out by the pool as Santa winds down from another busy Christmas, before Katy appears in a giant candy-themed cocktail glass. There’s also a cast of stop-motion holiday characters to add to the joy.

It’s (surprisingly) Katy’s first ever Christmas music video, and it’s as bonkers as we’d expect.

“I don’t need diamonds, no sparkly things, ‘cause you can’t buy this feeling,” she sings on the campy, bubblegum pop track.

Watch the video for Cozy Little Christmas here or below.