Kandy Muse is our reigning unbothered queen.

Following the events of last week’s Drag Race Untucked, which saw the fierce entertainer come into conflict with fellow contestant Tamisha Iman, Kandy has been subjected to online hate from so-called ‘fans’ of the series.

Although the star provided us with the drama and entertaintment that we expect to see from Drag Race, and reality television in general, trolls have, once again, missed the whole point of the show: love, inclusivity and acceptance.

Sending abusive comments to these impeccable queens means that you are, and this is a fact, not a fan of Drag Race. You are, like we said above, a troll.

Kandy’s mother was even on the receiving end. Over Twitter, the star told fans: “My mother seriously just called me to tell me fans have found her on Instagram and are messaging her nasty shit, y’all are fucking disgusting. goodbye.”

Later, she thanked her followers for reaching out to her with supportive messages, saying her “mother is cool” and that she’s “still the baddest bitch,” while continuing to effortlessly swat away her haters.

“I wish I had as much time in the day as Kandy Muse haters have to go out of their way and comment on every single post I make, are you already babes? Are you obsessed?” she wrote in one tweet, and we like said above, unbothered queen.

She added: “It’s Monday and you bitches are still talking about me, please, I advice you to find a hobby.”

However, due to the continuous hate aimed her way, Kandy was forced to issue a statement to queens who want to follow in her footsteps and sashay into the Drag Race werkroom in the future.

“To my girls who auditioned for S14, I advice you to really sit and think to yourself if your mental health is strong enough and worth putting at risk before getting on DR, the experience is amazing, the ride however is a hard one,” she wrote.

“To the new S14 queen that will be called “the new Kandy Muse” months from today, buckle up, people are going to try to silence your voice. don’t ever shut up, stand up tall and scream even louder.”

Despite this, Kandy made it clear that she has zero regrets about her time on Drag Race, before praising the “producers/camera crew/handlers” for their part in making it an “amazing experience”.


In previous tweets, Kandy addressed the fandom’s long-standing issue with racism. Over the years, queens of colour are hailed as ‘bullies’ when they shade their sisters, while their white counterparts are left relatively unscathed.

Last year, season 12 contestant Brita was inundated with death threats due to her on-screen relationship with Aiden Zhane. She deactivated her social media accounts shortly after and sought professional help, so she didn’t – in her words – “kill herself”.

“I wish I had a strong opinionated, out going, over confident, over the top, loud brown big gay man that does drag on my TV growing up,” said Kandy. “Let’s stop normalizing that ‘bully’ word every single time a brown bitch speaks her mind about something that you may not agree with.”

Kandy then warned fans: “Cut that shit out before Drag Race becomes boring because queens are afraid to even go on the show anymore.”

Over the past week, World of Wonder’s Instagram page has addressed the aforementioned Drag Race trolls with several snappy statements including, “If you can’t love our queens, STFU,” and “Kindness is cool.”

The posts have received support from past contestants such as Anastarzia Anaquay, Aquaria, Brita Filter, Chad Michaels, Denali, Jackie Cox, Madame Madness, Mayhem Miller, Miss Abby OMG and Scarlett Bobo.


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