Disney / ABC via Flickr

Justin Timberlake certainly isn’t taking a break at the moment, as he’s just released another music video for his latest album, Man of the Woods.

Titled, Say Something, the video starts with Timberlake DJing, before making his way to an elevator, where his guitar is. When he gets upstairs, he continues to sing, before arriving at a balcony, and standing on the opposite balcony is Chris Stapleton.

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The pair then continue to sing, before making their way to opposite elevators. Back on the ground floor, they look up to see the rafters of the once empty building full of others singing as well.

Watch the video below.

Man of the Woods is Timberlake’s fifth studio album, which is due for release 2 February, two days before the star’s Super Bowl half-time show.

Justin has reportedly worked with hit-makers such as Timbaland and Max Martin for the record, the latter of which produced his smash hit single, Can’t Stop the Feeling.

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