A brand new exhibit dedicated to Justin Bieber has opened.

The exhibit, named the Justin Bieber Exhibit: Steps To Stardom, opened on Sunday 18 February at the Stratford Perth Museum in the singer’s home town of Stratford, Ontario, and will run until 31 December.

60 items of memorabilia donated by Justin and his family will be displayed at the exhibit, including musical instruments, stage outfits, his signature hi-top trainers, and a personal letter from Michelle Obama.

Stratford Perth Museum

Bizarrely, the collection will also feature a pair of used underwear that the singer was given by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

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According to the general manager of the museum, John Kastner, the exhibit has received interest from around the world including people from Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

He told Billboard: “When it was first announced, I went down and saw our manager of exhibits and said, ‘Okay, I know you’re really working hard at this and I see the design is going to be fantastic. What I don’t want to happen is somebody flies in her from Japan and goes, ‘I’m really disappointed’.

“She goes, ‘Japan?’ I just got an email from somebody in Japan!”

The exhibit has access to 125 pieces of memorabilia, many of which were provided by fans and fellow residents of Justin’s hometown, and will be constantly refreshed throughout its run.

“We’re very excited about this exhibit and helping to share a fascinating story about a hometown hero who’s gone on to remarkable achievements,” John continued.

“We’re grateful to Justin and his family for supporting what we wanted to do and allowing us to share a piece of their lives with the world.”

You can find out more about the exhibit on the Stratford Perth Museum website.

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