Alex and Willie are endgame everyone!

With the first season of Julie and the Phantoms complete, stars Owen Joyner and Booboo Stewart recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss their characters and what they want to see in season 2.

Stewart, who plays the character of Willie, states: “I would love a full-blown relationship for sure.”

He continued: “I would really love that. I really personally enjoyed doing those scenes. There’s something special there and I would really love to dive deeper into that.”

Joyner, who plays Alex in the series, seemed to be on the same page, stating: “I’ve thought about it a lot and where we left off, there are so many directions we can go. I hope personally there’s a little drama… it would be fun to play off that with BooBoo.”

Legendary choreographer Kenny Ortega, who is best known for the High School Musical and Descendants movies, created the musical series.

In an interview with the Popbuzz, Ortega opened up about the importance of having an out and proud gay character in the series, stating : I think that today’s a day when we should be able to tell stories that have gay characters that don’t have to be coming out and going through the pain of coming out.”

He continued: “Alex’s life’s complicated and he’s an anxious young man but not because he’s gay and I thought that that was really wonderful because that wasn’t my story.”

Julie and the Phantoms centres around the titular character who’s grieving after the death of her mother. Having pushed her passion for music to the side, Julie soon encounters three ghost musicians who help reignite her love for singing while simultaneously creating a band.

The show has been met with praise from critics and has earned a impressive 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Watch the full trailer for the Netflix series below.