Jordy teamed up with Brown Cow herself for the pop banger.

Queer artist Jordy has just released his latest hit, Better By Myself, and it’s the perfect dance pop song for the coronavirus era.

In the self-love song, Jordy sings about getting in the Friday feeling, but experiencing a different kind of mood as there’s usually someone else never around when he wants to go out.

And in this new mood, Jordy confidently declares that he won’t be “showing up for anybody else” before launching into the chorus where he’s “dancing better by myself” and no longer needs a guy for him to “get by” and will no longer spend the night searching for him.

The song then switches to an empowering verse from Drag Race legend Monique Heart, who memorably competed on the show’s tenth season and All Stars 4, who muses about seeking a prince, before looking into the mirror and seeing the king staring back at her, and declaring herself “done with chasing stupid fairytales.”

Due to current coronavirus restrictions, Jordy decided against filming a music video, instead opting to go for a lyric video, which perfectly captures the mood of the song. You can watch the lyric video either here or below.