The Dancing on Ice judge hit out at the rival show.

New Dancing on Ice judge, John Barrowman, has hit out at rival show Strictly Come Dancing, saying it needs to “get with the times” and introduce same-sex dancing couples.

Speaking to OK! online, Barrowman praised Dancing on Ice for introducing same-sex couples, saying: “It’s about time, and we should have two women skating together, two men skating together and men and women skating together.

“It should be reflective of how we live our lives. We are a same sex couple so we want to be represented on television.

“I implore and say to all the other competitive shows on TV that have couples involved, you know who I’m talking about – get with the times, get with the programme, don’t worry about people being upset about these things.”

He then hit out at people who could be ‘offended’ over the sight of a same-sex couple dancing, saying: “If they don’t like it, you should have the big enough cajones to change turn the channel and don’t watch.

“If you don’t like it, switch it off. Everyone should be representing who the people are.”

ITV / YouTube

John Barrowman has also spoken of the pride he feels at being a judge on the same year that the show debuts a same-sex couple.

Speaking to the PA news agency at the series launch, he said: “What’s great about this – with having a same-sex couple – it’s finally on TV and I am so proud that I am involved in the year they are doing it.

“Two guys skating who represent me, who represent myself and my husband, so that we can sit down and rewatch it after the programme has been on.”

Strictly Come Dancing featured a same-sex couple dancing together earlier this series, with Graziano Di Prima and Johannes Radebe. However, following the broadcast over 300 people complained, saying they were ‘offended’. Similarly, when Ian ‘H’ Watkins and Matt Evers made their debut in Dancing on Ice’s Christmas special, people took to social media saying they were offended.

The stars defended themselves, with H writing: “Just because you disagree does not change the fact that I exist. WE exist. The LGBTQ community exists.

“Your views are not old fashioned, they are archaic – but they make the LGBTQ community grow stronger, so thank you for that. How beautiful would the world be with acceptance?”

Meanwhile, Matt had a lot more fun responding to negative comments, telling one person: “So you must shut off Wimbledon then as well when the doubles compete… or wait… what about a football or rugby match with all those men on the same field playing.

“Think about what you’ve just typed and what we are actually doing. Skating… nothing more than skating.”

Dancing on Ice will begin airing at 6pm this Sunday (5 January).