Joesef has released an uplifting and emotional new single.

The Sun Is Up Forever was written, produced and recorded by Joesef himself and continues the positive post-breakup vibes found on his recent anti-Valentine’s Day track Think That I Don’t Need Your Love.

“I wrote this song about a month ago after talking to my mum about how relationships affect you in every corner of your life, right down to the way you carry yourself,” explains Joesef.

“My dad was a bit of a bastard to her and us, and she said it’s something that never really leaves her, but after 20 years she’s learned to let go of the grief a little. It’s from her perspective, and mine. It’s about leaving a dark part of your life behind you. This tune is for her.”

This autumn Joesef will embark on his biggest tour yet, performing in nine cities throughout the UK and Ireland – tickets are on sale now.

Listen to The Sun Is Up Forever here or below.