We stan Mr. Biden!

Joe Biden has done what no president has done before… acknowledged and supported transgender people in his victory speech.

“I’m proud of the campaign we built and ran, I’m proud of the coalition we put together — the broadest and most diverse coalition in history […] gay, straight, transgender, white Latino, Asian, Native American,” said the future President.

This election has proven to be an exceptional time for LGBTQ+ politicians.

Sarah McBride, Stephanie Byers, Brianna Titone, and Taylor Small are four trans candidates that won their respective political campaigns.

Before Biden’s win, many LGBTQ+ citizens, specifically those within the transgender community, feared for their rights if Trump was re-elected.

Biden’s inclusion of LGBTQ+ supporters in his victory speech, as well as proposed initiatives and plans within his first 100 days, has left the community with a sense of hope.

The Presidential-elect continued on to praise the hard work of his supporters and highlighted the Black community, stating: “Especially for those moments when the campaign was at it’s lowest, the African American community stood up for me, you’ve always had my back and I’ll have yours!”

The turn out for Black voters this election was extremely high, especially in key states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia.

Biden’s inclusion of the transgender community was not lost on LGBTQ+ voters.

“This is the first time a presidential election victory speech has specifically mentioned the word “transgender” and made a commitment to us. Joe Biden has our back,” says Charlotte Clymer.

Writer Zach Stafford took to Twitter stating: “President-elect Joe Biden just acknowledged gay and transgender people by name in his victory speech.”

He continued: It’s the first time a president-elect has acknowledged the trans community in a victory speech. Obama was the first to say ‘gay’ during his in 2008.”

The next four years are looking bright.