Jesse Saint John has released the latest single from his upcoming debut EP.

Reflective pop bop WISER follows his previous synthpop number, WHAT DO U LIKE, both of which will appear on Don’t Stop Dancing, Life Gets Sad (stylised in lowercase).

The American singer-songwriter is best known for penning tracks for artists such as Britney Spears (Love Me Down), Charli XCX (Cloud Aura, Secret, I Got It) and Camila Cabello (Something’s Gotta Give).

Listen to WISER below.

When we spoke to Jesse earlier this year, he discussed the importance of queer perspectives in music.

“We are consumers of music and pop culture, and for myself, I’ve always not felt represented in the media,” he told us. “I’ve always looked at things that were like, gay entertainment, and I was like, ‘That’s not really me, that’s not my gay experience’.

“Once there’s more queer filmmakers, songwriters and musicians, the more likely they are to reach an audience of queer, LGBTQ people and marginalised groups that they can identify with.”

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