Jesse Saint John has released another pop banger, as well as a reworked version of WISER.

The first track, CRYING, is an emotional, dancefloor anthem in similar vein to Robyn’s critically-acclaimed track, Dancing On My Own, and it’s a certified banger.

Jesse told us of the song: “CRYING is probably the longest I’ve spent on a song just because I really wanted to be ambiguous without it sounding like a relationship song, because it’s really about the relationship with myself.

“It’s really heavy and obviously touches on suicidal thoughts, but it’s fun and I love singing it.”

The singer-songwriter also released a remix of his widely-praised reflective bop, WISER, with the help of lil aaron (who appeared in the song’s video alongside several other stars) and Ojivolta.

“WHAT DO U LIKE 2 is obviously a follow up to the original, but when I heard what the geniuses Ojivolta had done with it, it felt like it’s own song, independent of the other one, so it’s a sequel!” he continued.

“I’m such a huge fan of Ojivolta and Aaron and they’re my friends and collaborators, so it’s so fun to have this with them. I put them together because CRYING is very much me inside my own head and WHAT DO U LIKE 2 is me getting out of myself and surrendering to others.”

Listen to CRYING and WHAT DO YOU LIKE 2 below.

When we spoke to Jesse last year, he discussed the importance of queer perspectives in music.

“We are consumers of music and pop culture, and for myself, I’ve always not felt represented in the media,” he told us. “I’ve always looked at things that were like, gay entertainment, and I was like, ‘That’s not really me, that’s not my gay experience’.

“Once there’s more queer filmmakers, songwriters and musicians, the more likely they are to reach an audience of queer, LGBTQ people and marginalised groups that they can identify with.”

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