An interview clip of Jane Fonda supporting LGBTQ+ rights in the 70s is going viral on Twitter and the parallels to the current movement is uncanny.

In the clip, the legendary actress is asked about the gay community in San Francisco and inquires if they are being discriminated against in which Fonda then states: “Oh absolutely, culturally, psychologically, economically, politically, gays and lesbians are discriminated against.”

The interview took place at an event for the Campaign for Economic Democracy – a group that was formed alongside Tom Hayden and the former California Governor Jerry Brown to assist with environmental protection and renter’s rights.

Fonda continues her interview giving praise to the community and their importance of working together stating: “They are a very powerful movement especially in San Francisco, they don’t need me but… they like me… all we can know is, what this movement is seeking which is nothing less than respect and justice and stopping discrimination against people because of sexual preference…”

Time has passed, trends have come and gone, but Fonda’s activism for the community has only grown stronger.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Fonda discusses pronouns and doing her due diligence in learning them, stating: “I’ve been working with really young people. When you meet them, they give the pronouns that they go by. I’m going on 83. Do I really have to say what pronouns I go by, you know? The answer is yes and there’s a learning curve.”

As the years have passed, the Grace and Frankie actress has proven time and time again that she is ever active in the social justice scene and showing no signs of slowing down.

The LGBTQ+ community’s fight for equality is still raging on with, monumental strides being made over the years. From the legalization of gay marriage in the US to gay conversion therapy becoming illegal in certain territories, achievements have been made but the fight is still far from over.

All hail queen Jane Fonda!

Tune in to the full video below.