Jamie Hannah has released the video to Magic.

Filmed in the Joshua Tree National Park desert in Malibu, the stunning visual follows the London-based artist as he “searches” for his soul and “challenges, battles and embraces the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water.”

“These elements are like spirit guides that help me reach a place where I can let all my colours show. They can ground us, make us spontaneous, create opportunities and they make us more mischievous,” Jamie tells Gay Times.

The empowering dance anthem – which is available now on iTunes and streaming services – celebrates the “power of positive thinking and manifestation” and aims to give the listener confidence to create change.

“It only takes one great mind to catapult the public’s opinion into disarray – look at Greta Thunberg! We all have cycles, and we trip and fall, but everybody’s voice is a beacon, let it be heard,” Jamie adds.

While a lot of other artists are choosing to postpone or even cancel their music due to the current coronavirus lockdown, Jamie says it’s important for him to release content because music is “an international language.”

“It has the magical power to heal; being a cathartic way for people to express their emotions, alleviate anxiety and bring positivity through challenging situations. For me, singing has boosted my moral throughout this lockdown,” he says.

“It’s incredible for me to feel I have contributed bringing communities together and sharing some positivity. Music allows the listener to escape from the real world and create their own stories, perhaps even trigger an old memory?

“The past few weeks have truly reminded me the beauty of coming together, with none of the music industry red tape and just enjoying and embracing music together, as it helps our search for a light at the end of this tunnel.”

Watch the stunning video for Jamie Hannah’s new single, Magic, below.