An Olympic diver without his shirt! What a strange turn of events! 

Olympic champion Jack Laugher has shown off his baubles and tight sausage dog pyjama bottoms in another one of his shirtless, thirst-inducing Instagram photos. Yep, this is another shocking, hard-hitting piece of #journalism!

The former Gay Times cover star posted a topless photo with his Christmas tree, which isn’t totally surprising, seeing as how a) he’s a diver, and b) he’s guilty of posting one too many ‘thirst-trap’ selfies.

No complaints here… It’s just sometimes a bit, erm, hard, writing these, if you catch our drift.

Anyway, here ya go:

These Olympic divers are so kind to us aren’t they?

Remember that time Jack, Sam Benbrook, Daniel Goodfellow, Will Hallam, and James Denny treated us to a group photo showing off their glorious peaches? That’s not really something you can forget…

If you’re a tad thirsty for some more of Jack, visit herehere and here. You won’t be disappointed!

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