Our favourite Cuban-American family is back, back, back again!

One Day At A Time graced our screen in 2017 and achieved what few American sitcoms could — it engaged a whole new audience and sought of representation in a whole new way.

In this new season, the Alvarez family get back to their everyday chaotic lives which looks like having that conversation about the female orgasm with your queer daughter or having your son walk in on you while you’re… busy. In less than a few episodes, you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to check out the sitcom.

One Day At A Time has received wide acclaim for it’s coverage of important topics in an accessible light. From the get go the show picks up on LGBTQ+ representation, PTSD induced trauma, addiction issues, as well as immigration and racism in a fresh take. It’s a must watch.

The show first premiered on Netflix and had a three-season run before being cancelled, which stoked up a lot of criticism online given Netflix’s questionable reputation with queer and minority representation. Unfortunately, One Day At A Time hit the season three curse and was axed.

However, all was not lost as the show ended up trending across platforms such as Twitter and snagged the attention of TV executives. Now, you can watch the brilliant show on CBS or PopTV. One Day At A Time continues to break barriers with plot lines and is a rare case of Latinx representation done right, so we have no choice but to stan.

You can watch the trailer here or below:

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