We may be six days in already, but we’re still happy to look at the welcome messages…

Andrea Denver first came to our attention after he starred in Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video. The Italian hunk certainly made the video easy to watch, and then rewatch…

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And come the turn of the New Year, he was waiting to welcome us in with open arms, and his tongue hanging out. What more can you want from your New Year’s celebrations?

And with so much on display, it’s hard to keep your eyes solely on the 2018. They say start the year off how you intend to follow it, well let’s hope he follows this snap up with plenty more like it.

But he wasn’t the only hunk to welcome us into 2018 with a thirst shot, as Gus Kenworthy got his buns out.

But as we haven’t gone through Andrea’s Instagram for a while, here’s some of his recent hottest shots.

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