Brace yourselves, Robyn fans.

It’s been eight long years since the Swedish singer-songwriter blessed the world with her critically-acclaimed album Body Talk, which birthed absolute pop magic with singles Dancing On My Own, Hang With Me and Call Your Girlfriend.

So naturally, music fans have been awaiting her long overdue solo comeback with anticipation, and while her 2014 collaboration with Röyksopp may have helped tide us over for a while, what we really need right now are some classic Robyn bangers.

Well, that could be coming sooner rather than later, as a listing for a brand new Robyn track called Missing U appeared on a music download service earlier this week, and was swiftly taken down. It even had it’s own cover art.

Even better, the release date was listed as 1 August – that’s next week!

Robyn to release new single “Missing U” on August 1st?? from r/popheads

It may just be a rumour for now, but it’s certainly a believable one.

Earlier this year, Robyn opened up abut her upcoming studio album in an interview with producer Kindness at the Red Bull Music Festival, where she teased that the new body of work was “almost there” and would likely be released before 2018 is over.

“The whole process of making this album has been very, very difficult from anything I’ve done before,” she said. “It’s not finished yet, but it’s almost there… I felt very raw when I started making this album.”

She also revealed that the upcoming album has been influenced by a wide array of sources including 90s house, club music, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Prince, which sounds pretty wild to us.

To add further fuel to the fire, Robyn this week announced a special appearance at Pikes Hotel in Ibiza on 2 August, just one day after the supposed single’s release date, and used the song’s rumoured title Missing U in a tweet about the event.