X-Men continues to provide LGBTQ representation in its comics.

The hit Marvel series has a long history of diverse and inclusive characters. Back in 2012, Northstar entered into a same-sex marriage with his partner Kyle, and last year Iceman had his first gay kiss with a glorious full-page illustration.

Now, in a preview for issue 32 of X-Men: Gold, which is due out on 18 July, Bobby Drake (Iceman) is seen discussing his hook-up with Simon Lasker (Pyro) in the wake of Colossus and Kitty’s wedding disaster [spoiler: it didn’t happen].

“Morning, shower’s free. Or I could go back in if you want company,” says Simon.

“I thought we agreed last night was a one time thing,” replies Bobby.

“Actually, if I’m counting right, last night was a three-time thing,” Simon jokes.

The same-sex scene has gone down incredibly well with LGBTQ fans on Twitter, with one person writing: “This Pyro/Iceman development in the new X-Men Gold would have given teenage me a heart attack.”

Some have praised the series for providing representation for same-sex relationships, while others simply appreciated the sight of Iceman and Pyro looking fine as hell.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for more of this in the future… and we might just get it, as earlier this year, Marvel announced plans to revive Iceman’s previously-cancelled standalone comic series.

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