Season 12? All Stars 5? Celebrity Drag Race? WHAT COULD IT BE?

Hello all. We are just letting you know that our current Drag Race drought might be over in just under two hours.

Earlier today, the official Twitter account for the series uploaded a short teaser of our current reigning queen, Yvie Oddly, alongside the caption: “The wait is over. The RuVolution starts TODAY at 12pmEST.”

In the clip, Yvie asks: “2020 is here! Are you ready for it?” Seeing as how season 10 winner Aquaria announced the cast for season 11 last year, it seems feasible that Yvie will follow in her footsteps and ruveal the new set of queens.

Are you ready to meet the queens of Drag Race season 12? Maybe All Stars 5? Or even Celebrity Drag Race?

We recently scoured the internet for every possible queen who could be sashaying into the All Stars 5 and season 12 werkroom and of course, it’s completely speculative and is based off social media, cancelled gigs etc. 

Check out the rumoured cast for All Stars 5 here and season 12 here.