The undisputed highlight of the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony was Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua.

The Tongan athlete came into the stadium all oiled up, and wearing nothing but a necklace and a traditional Tepenu ceremonial dress.

Taufatofua would then go on to be eliminated in the first round of the taekwondo. But as it turns out, he still had sights set on Olympic glory, and he qualifying for the cross-country skiing event.

And of course, with this being the Winter Olympics, temperatures were quite low. But this didn’t deter Taufatofua from doing what brought him to our attention in the first place all over again, whipping hos top off, and getting all oiled up.

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And like last time, plenty of people took notice.

But with the potential of temperatures dropping to -25C, we can’t image Pita will be like this for the rest of the Olympics, so enjoy it while you can!

That said, it would be rude of us not to at least leave you with some additional shots of him.

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