The queens of the North are coming, officially.

Canada’s Drag Race has just debuted its first look and we are – yep – gagged.

The first official images from the latest international Drag Race spin-off were shared earlier today by EW, showing judges Brooke Lynn Hytes, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Stacey McKenzie as they serve lewks on the glitzy new main stage.

“Canada’s got it going on. We’re a sleeping beauty, and we’re waking up. Everybody is going to be like ‘Oh s—, you’re here!’ We’re the quiet storm,” Stacey told the publication of their upcoming roster of talent. “It’s unapologetically Canadian!”

Brooke – who makes history as the first ever contestant to judge an iteration of Drag Race – said the series came to fruition after she sashayed into the World of Wonder offices and “half-jokingly” told employees that she wanted to host a Canadian version.

“When you get on Drag Race, the clock is ticking. You’re given 15 minutes of fame and you have to do something with it or not, it’s up to you to figure out how you’re going to make this last for yourself and turn it into a huge career.”

Jeffrey said he was keen to do the series because he’s “a quintessential superfan. I’m like the rest of the viewers who sit at home, who completely know every season, has binged from start to finish, and knows every queen inside and out.”

The former UnReal star, who has judged the original series twice (who could forget The Bitchelor?), continued: “I think that the essence of the challenges is similar to RuPaul’s Drag Race, but they’re specific to Canada.

“There are instantly recognizable Easter eggs for Canadians, but they’re universally comedic enough that other audiences won’t be left out of the joke. Seeing these queens perform, this isn’t Drag Race-lite, this is Drag Race full-stop!”

Unlike the original, the series will not feature an almighty, RuPaul-esque host. Brooke revealed: “We’re all RuPaul, put together. Not one of us has all the power. It’s a team effort. We all take turns sharing duties, and we all make decisions together!”

The season 11 runner-up continued to say that “nothing has been done like this before in Canada” and promises Drag Race fans around the world will be gagged by the “drama” as well as “cool looks and performances”.

Joining Brooke, Jeffrey and Stacey will be TV personality Traci Melcho, who serves as ‘Canada’s first Squirrel Friend’ on the show, making special house visits to test the queens with some challenges and provide a dose of reality when needed.

“I’m thrilled to reveal my hand-picked judges for Canada’s Drag Race. By the power vested in me, I command them to go forth and be my ‘Judge Judys’ of the North,” RuPaul previously said of the series in a statement.

“I have complete confidence in their ability to choose Canada’s first drag superstar!”

No air date has been announced for Canada’s Drag Race so far, but trust us when we say we’ll keep you updated.

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