Last night saw the premiere of American Horror Story’s highly-anticipated ninth instalment, 1984.

For years, American Horror Story has debuted way in advance in the United States, and UK viewers have to wait weeks, sometimes months, in order to watch it on their screens. However, they’re doing it differently this year.

1984 premieres just one day after the US on Fox at 10pm, and will be available to stream on NOW TV shortly after. Hallelujah!

This season of the acclaimed horror anthology series is set at a summer camp called Camp Redwood and will take inspiration from iconic slasher films such as Halloween, Sleepaway Camp and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The campers will have to avoid horror movie tropes to survive the terror of a lunatic called Mr Jingles.

Gus Kenworthy makes his acting debut in 1984, and is joined by previous AHS stars such as Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, Cody Fern and Leslie Grossman, as well as newcomers Matthew Morrison, DeRon Horton, Zach Villa and Angelica Ross.

It will be the first season without Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson – who appeared as regulars in the first eight seasons – although the latter recently teased that she could “pop up” in some capacity. Read the full story here.

Watch the trailer for American Horror Story: 1984 below.