The singer, who is often referred to as the “Lesbian Jesus”, opened up in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Hayley Kiyoko has revealed in a new interview that she knew that she was gay from the age of six. Opening up to Rolling Stone, the singer said she felt isolated at a young age because of her sexuality.

“All the girls would go to the Promenade to hang out with cute boys, and it made me feel very alone,” she said. “It was depressing to watch girls that I liked flirt with guys. So I just stayed home.”

Kiyoko then opened up about coming out to her parents when she was in the sixth grade. However, they didn’t give her a positive response at first. “They told me it was a phase, and I knew it wasn’t,” Kiyoko said.

She then revealed that it wasn’t until she had her heart broken by her best friend, that her mother came to realise that it wasn’t a phase. Detailing the incident, Kiyoko said: “This is what’s funny about being gay: I look back and I remember her as a girlfriend.

“We never kissed. We would tell each other we loved each other and hold hands under the table. She would cuddle me and tell me she missed me. When I went to kiss her, she looked at me like I was crazy and broke my heart.”

Kiyoko went to on explain that after the incident she locked herself in her room for days, and this was the point that her mother realised that she was gay.

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Later in he interview, Kiyoko revealed that this heartbreak was the inspiration for her hit song Girls Like Girls. “There was this vision of what I’d always dreamt of seeing in a relationship between two best friends,” she said.

“I grew up with stories of girls killing themselves, never getting the girl. It’s very disheartening because you’re like, ‘It’s gonna suck to like girls.'”

Kiyoko also spoke about how she wasn’t open about her sexuality when she was in school, because she didn’t feel like she represented the then stereotypes of someone who was gay. She also revealed that she felt “scared” about other people knowing, saying: “I was a likable person and I didn’t want to all of a sudden not be [likable].”

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