The Olympian went into meltdown mode after the Deadpool star followed him on Twitter. 

Upon finding out, the American skier – and Gay Times cover model – tweeted: “Hey @VancityReynolds! Just letting you know that you are personally responsible for giving me a cardiac arrest and now I’m gonna need you to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save my life…’

Can anyone blame Gus for being thirsty AF? That’s Deadpool! Green Lantern! Michael Bergen! Here’s hoping he responds…

Earlier this year, Gus was caught on camera kissing his boyfriend at the Winter Olympics, giving viewers a much-needed dose of LGBTQ representation at one of the world’s biggest sporting events. However, because people are bitter and pathetic, there was, of course, backlash.

In the April issue of Gay Times, the 26-year-old slammed the hate: “I didn’t know it was being filmed but some people were like ‘Why are you shoving it in our faces?’ We’re not doing that at all, we’re just existing. If a hockey player kissed his wife after a game there’d be no comments about it or it’d be ‘Such a cute moment’.

“But because we’re two guys, while a lot of people were saying ‘That was a cute moment’ or ‘that was an important important’. There were others going, ‘We don’t need to see that’.”

Gus’ friendship with fellow out athlete Adam Rippon also made headlines. Remember when they shared a kiss in defiance of Mike Pence – and the internet went wild?

The 26-year-old had nothing but praise for Adam in our issue: “He’s so funny and quick and witty and charming and he’s done so much for the community just by being himself. It was an honour to present the award to him and I think I’ve made a lifelong friend in Adam Rippon.”

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