Get ready to feel inspired! 

Singer-songwriter Greyson Chance has released his heartfelt new single Holy Feeling and it’s everything!

The track starts with Chance’s husky voice, which sets the stage for the epic vocals to come.

As the song continues we are treated to inspirational lyrics like “No, the timing’s never right but don’t hesitate to fall in my arms.”

Holy Feeling will leave you with an array of emotions that range from hope and excitement.

To make this release even more fantastic the singer-songwriter also released a video for the record.

In the Bobby Hanaford directed visual, Chance is accompanied by eight inspiring individuals with different talents.

From a ballerina and a carpenter to a tattoo artist, and a painter, each person is shown displaying their love and passion for their specific crafts.

Chance recently opened up about the visual and it’s familiar setting in a YouTube Live, stating: “The video was shot in 16mm film […] and we actually shot this video in the same location as shut up [music video].”

He continued: “It was so surreal to be back there, two years later, because things were just so different in my life. The story of this video is about being present in your passion.”

Chance also revealed his favourite moment from the video.

“We intentionally made sure that none of the people in the video were actors, they actually are, they do their craft, what they portray in the video,” he says.

If you’re in need of a song that will lift your spirits and inspire you to pursue your dreams Holy Feeling is the track for you.

Watch the full live stream below and listen to the track here!


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